One Word

To have a fresh start
embrace a future of hope
he said one word -- Yes


To escape a life
of pain and degradation
she said one word -- No


To build a world where
one plus one can equal one
they said one word -- Love


Deborah Godin said...

All very nice, but the third one - ah, it's just that simple!!

floreta said...

love means knowing when to say yes! and no.. very important. nicely done!

Amias said...

Floreta took the words right out of my thoughts ... so I can't say it better. Except, it's all down hill after one say "I do".

Kilauea Poetry said... is a sacrifice..this was nice

Jeeves said...

Now this is a complete Haiku. Nice one

gautami tripathy said...

Liked the haiku series!

kitehorse said...

I always like your 5-7-5 haiku. Hey not that there is anything sacred about 5-7-5. Especially in English.

But just like the one-syllable writing game I sometimes play, the limits make it more interesting.

Your distributive interpretation of "one word" is clever. Though as you know, my crabby side's never partial to the love trope - but please ignore my usual Eeyorism and pat yourself on the forearm for a job well done ;)

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, this is a great little series!

DeLi said...

we must all have to capacity to word it!

spacedlaw said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else. This is an excellent series of poems.

SandyCarlson said...

Nice that love had the final word!

zoya gautam said...

..really good..
many thanks indeed..

gabrielle said...

I love the progression of pronouns: he, she, they.

Beth P. said...

Beautifully done, H.T.!

High praise from KiteHorse, by the way!

Neverending Story said...

These were great. Thanks.

kitehorse said...


Addition's not real;
Apples and souls do not sum:
Our minds are so caged