Karl in Texas?

Sunday morning fog
Grey mist shrouds pecan groves
muffling train rumbles

missing home...


Creaking front porch steps,
Garden mums, Autumn welcome.
Prickly kale 'round back

Spring II

Wet droplets linger
on the moist backdoor stoop
Muddy boots wait for  sun

July in SF

Wintry Summer dusk,
Songs of Love and Regret drift
o'er the starry Bay

<La Traviata at AT&T Park>

Every five years

Like clockwork, it's time,
Life says throwing barbed reminders,
to reinvent yourself


Pour me through fissures
as I seek to fill the voids
of my life's strata


Wee of stature, she
with grit, heart, and bravery
to fill an ocean


Warm bundled hugs
European kiss on cheeks
Bittersweet partings

Circles 2

Hand in hand in hand,
three wee girls form a circle --
Friendship, unbroken

Circles prompt #1


Grey mist, like cotton
snagged in tree branches, gently
dissolve in sunlight


Unexpected touch
gentle on your lower back
Memories of love

Urban campout

Two red eyes blinking
Warning screams from high branches
Rooftop Safari


Brow, furrowed, deep thoughts
Eyes, squinting, future gazing
Nose, crinkled, wide smiles

Summer Travels II

Glistening horizon,
Moist air hangs between palm trees,
Grit, hot, between toes