Happy Birthday, Tina

Leaping over the
precipice of promises
broken, she soars free


Pruned and stunted shrub
Snipped and bent for beauty or
just for my control?

If Only I Had Time

I'd wait for my love
I'd hold my grandaughter's hand
I'd fly to the stars

Inaugural Day 2009

Clear eyes on a cold day
Steady hand on Lincoln's bible
Hope leads to action

Faded memories

Crimson pain fades to
roseate future with the
steady tick of time


Bright piquant scrappings
adds pizazz to life's passion
grate away the dull

Stage 5: Acceptance

Calm and joy sink in
"Only one bad day a month..."
bearing that what is

Stage 4: Depression

Darkness coils within
"Unlovable yet again."
twisting up what is

Stage 3: Bargaining

On knees with arms raised
releasing "what if..." balloons
changing off what is

Stage 2: Anger

Flashes, hot and red
"Don't do me any favors!"
seeing clear what is

Stage 1: Denial

Eyes and heart closed tight
"It's the depression talking..."
blocking out what is

A summer's day

Brilliant azure skies
siphon the blues from my soul,
left with summer warmth


Lover's endless kiss
Soft sighs of a sleeping babe
Quiet time with tea


slough the dried and done
the tender and new, revealed
touch, be touched, and feel