My favorite songs

Tonic melody,
Layered words that speak to me,
Chords in minor key.

Eau de Big Tex

Evening breeze wafts scents
of golden doughy sweetness,
hints of grease past prime.

Access Granted

Click-click-click, keys pressed;
Metal-in-metal, keys turned;
Each to open worlds.

Not ready to say goodbye

Casting long shadows,
red sun clings to horizon --
still one more ray left!

A New Autumn

Summer days ending,
looking back she is root-bound
but forward, wind-swept.

After Ike

Yard toys in tree tops,
Life shards strewn about like glass;
Pick up, start anew.

Energy crisis solved

Harness the forces
of two kittens playing to
power the cosmos.

Two sides, one heart

Stay at a distance,
or you'll[I'll] see the broken, scarred,
evanescent me[you].
Draw near - life is flawed,
messy, harsh, splendid, precious,
amazing - like [you]me.

Warrior One posed

Single drop of sweat
trickles between taut shoulders,
poised on bended knee.

Metropolis dawn

Steel towers rise up
above misty river fog --
Urban mountain range

Backyard mow

Cut grasslets fly by,
landing on glistening brow --
Nature's green bindi.

Captain Midnight

He lumbers atop
soft belly, ribs, and breastplate --
cat breath in my face.

Ticket for one

Slumber tip-toes in,
staying 'til dawn to watch my
Dali-esque dream reels.

Ranch Road 2114

Spied on dusty tracks
cutting through verdant farmland --
red birds and Keystone!

3 A.M wake-up call

Windows open wide,
Lunar light casts night shadows
in the devil's hour.

Door #1

An ageless gateway
to a world unfamiliar --
shall I step through it?

Summer ends with a bang

Thin branches bend low
as September storms gust in,
sweeping instant streams.

Saturday Builds

Our hands rough from wear
strike with tools of wood and steel,
forging a new life.

Farmers Market Finds

Tiny pyramids
of Indian summer yields
mark my salad days.

A New Day

What will today bring?
Gritty sidewalks, found pennies.
Brave paths, my true self.

Aqua yearnings

Hungry, I rush to
devour an alluring bright-
ness, but I'm consumed...

Feline Therapy

Are there answers in
an all-knowing, unblinking,
noble amber gaze?

Expo Park Couture

Tanned boots and denim
with an untucked pearl-snap shirt --
Brash, sexy, classic!

A Flame Needs Oxygen

His light eyes, tall frame
hid dark thoughts, a withered soul,
no life's breath to spare.

Remember me

Neglected garden -
Sage & Rosemary asks Susan,
where's Parsley & Thyme?

The Way

What is my purpose?
Stand still to guide others? Or
spin my own brilliance?


How are you? I'm fine.
How are you really? He asks.
My voice shakes. I'm scared.

Lying on my back

Still black lines crossing
shimmering pond reflections -
urban inner sky.

Sneaking in

Walking time-worn paths,
shared spaces glimpsed privately
reveal its splendor.

Commuter's joy

Freshly painted lines
on a road to tired views
makes my journey new.