tiny red faced babe
wailing hard, not world ready
sister's comfort pats

Mountain stream

Glacial waters splash
tumbling over weathered stones
white foam rushes by

Cormorants Resting

Water birds perched high
on winter skeleton tree
drying wet feathers

Turkey Day Ride

Fallen foliage
dry leaves swirl as bikers breeze
over covered trails

Grateful, and yet

Warm, fed, safe, and cared
still the human heart hungers
to fill nameless voids


Pearly orange scales
slipping through sea fronds swaying
bubbles rising up


Out of the blue call,
"We've been thinking of you, dear"
Me, out of the blues!

Childhood Memories

Cowboy big brother
Lakota little sister
Play-acting extreme!

Cold front

The wind whips white caps
on a small man-made lagoon,
angry dark clouds loom

This is not a pipe

Real and yet surreal
familiar but perplexing
Art for the mind


Nature's appliance

Gold patch of sunlight
traveling across the floor
time piece and heater

Backyard Promises

Autumn afternoon
grass beneath us embracing
love and fealty vows

Nature's Candy

Red plum, fresh and sweet
first bite breaks the crisp smooth skin
juice runs down my chin

Blue bag bind

Recycle pickup
takes my discarded plastic
burning fossil fuels


In the face of dark
wretchedness and deep despair
I will live today


Laugh lines deepen as
we reminisce about our
childhood follies past

Night vs. Day

Pale mid-morning moon
fading into azure sky
barn owl winks asleep

Happy Birthday, Kathy

Seasons shifting by
While color may leave my locks,
it flows through my life

Luck runs out

"Your tickets and cards,
People. Fare Enforcement here!"
One man leaves the train.

-- Guest blog haiku from BRG3


My pen lays silent
my voice is stilled and muted
but my thoughts are mine

Predawn storms

Moonlit puddles glint
on city pavements washed clean
of reveler's dross


Truths and falsehoods live
entwined around hearts and mind
both playing their parts


Left undone, ignored --
on dismal days, the painful
on good, the mundane

Love's prelude

First live music, shared
first hands held, protectively
first kisses, sweetly

Missed you

Greeting me with meows
following me room to room
snuggling as we sleep

Flying home

Cool white vapors hide
the dark warm earth I know is
below and waiting

Election Night in Times Square

A crush of bodies
voices raised in crescendo
a historic night


I lean deep into
the tempest as it pushes
against my wee soul.


Smiling and laughing
telling stories of humor
hides sadness emmense

Dimensional Denial

My size 8 body
wears size 2 trends of today --
do these tricks sell more?